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Default APNG converter test

I also think LICEcap would create dramatically smaller files if it somehow used the APNG format. I did some (unsuccessful) work with this and tried to make a go of another great open source tool called GIF2APNG:

The program itself is super simple and works beautifully with most GIF files I've created, but not LICEcap's. This may actually because of the expertise of the LICEcap developers: I ran IrfanView's tool to break LICEcap files into individual slides, but it appears LICEcap uses layers and image positions to avoid recording whole frames at every little change. This will save a lot of space, but might make it incompatible with other animation tools.

There may be a way to use VirtualDub to output to web video formats, but it will invariably use JPEG-type compression and look much more blurry.

Anyway, here's some more about my other research on this:
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