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I have just started switching over to 64-bit last week.

It surprises me how I can actually open an old project in 64-bit and back in 32-bit and have Reaper open the corresponding plugins. Not the Bitbridge way, but where there are different plugin versions for 32/64 too. And with proper naming it looks like JBridge can open a bridged version in 64-bit too while it runs unbridged in Reaper 32.

BTW with JBridge there is no annoying extra window. On the other hand I could not make Jamstix run without problem as JBridged whereas it works fine with Reaper own bridger.

Memory usage is not my reason for moving. You can just use JBridge to make other 32-bit version for Reaper 32 of samplers or Nebula. That way each one will get its own 3GB to work with.
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