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Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
I've been using REAPER 64bit for over 2 years now. I switched because REAPER 32bit had problems with high RAM load (over 2GB), and I use Nebula, which uses tons of RAM, a lot.
MN, can you describe these problem, in detail?

I wonder if that's the issue with my current problems: Every once in a while, either Reaper or Traktor (rarely both) crashes and I get a horribly loud, high-pitched whine out of my speakers.
I had suspected bad ram, but a 24 hr ram test was negative.

I do run 2 separate instances of Kontakt, and under XP32 I used to have to use all the tricks to get by, but things seemed much better under Win7-64, with 6 GB of ram.

It's my understanding that under Win7-64, each PROCESS can use up to 2 GB, and don't the plugins run as a separate process from both Reaper and the main OS? (Hmm, maybe I should enable "run plugins as separate processes" ???) Task manager never shows more than 2.5 GB used by "Reaper" total. Is it possible (with Reaper x86) to get occasional ram-use peaks, so sever as to cause a crash?
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