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Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
Hey TG To cut a long story short.. I got literally hit by a truck while out on my road bike (cycling) back in Feb 2018. Fractured Humerus, Elbow, Scapula, Rib.. left with Radial nerve palsy. I also sustained a brain bleed but thankfully that's never caused any problems. I was wearing a helmet - which undoubtedly saved my life - and I'm still here, still mastering albeit one handed now lol
Wow man, that's some serious stuff there. Hope everything is getting back to normal for you, at least as far as possible. Did something stupid on a motorcycle about ten years back that got me down for two years heavy rehabilitation, so I know it can take quite some time.

Originally Posted by cstooch View Post
Helm VSTi is another good freebie
Tried it myself a few times but it never really clicks for me. Will add it to the runner-up section though as it might be interesting for some (and it's avaiable as 64bit).

The guy behind it is working on a wavetable synth that seems quite interesting.
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