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Default No Joy with Images in LS GUI lib

I've gone back over and over and over this and have added the code below to my script before Main(). Still no background image. I just don't understand enough here to figure out what's going wrong.

GUI.images = {
	bg = "C:\\OneDriveTemp\\OneDrive\\Media Ministry\\bg.jpg",
	logo = "C:\\OneDriveTemp\\OneDrive\\Media Ministry\\Logo 192x93.png",
-- Load all our images into buffers
local function load_images()
	local info = debug.getinfo(1,'S')
	script_path = info.source:match[[^@?(.*[\/])[^\/]-$]]
	local idx = 0
	for key, file in pairs(GUI.images) do
		retval = gfx.loadimg(idx, script_path..file)
		GUI.images[key] = idx
		idx = idx + 1
GUI.load_images = load_images

-- Draw the specified frame from a given image buffer
local function img(x, y, w, h, step, buffer)
	gfx.mode = 0
	local img_y = h * GUI.round(step)
	gfx.blit(buffer, 1, 0, 0, img_y, w, h, x, y, w, h)
GUI.img = img

GUI.img(0, 0, GUI.w, GUI.h, 0,
-- GUI.img(5, 5, 192, 93, 0, GUI.images.logo)

local function Main()
I'm trying to use the image below as the background (bg).

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