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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
Ooh. This looks very cool!

I'll give it a try later!

Two suggestions but these are based on not trying it yet

1. Option to not have that fade in or out. The reason is that when Equing something that is already a sample accurate loop, the eq slants the frequency response in time (due to phase distortion). This means you get holes in frequency response unless you fill them with a second pass. Be good to have unstick option for fade in to help with that.

2. Is it worth making the first pass (where you get the tail) to always be 32bit float? That way there's no quality loss. It's not a big issue though, just thought it might as well be.
1. right now it has no fades... I'm not sure about them. Maybe if a loop needs them, it would be better to manually add them, so it would be a first button to create the first pass and position the tail and then manually make fades or stretch markers and then a second button to render the second pass. Maybe that would be ok for now.

2. totally agree. first pass should be 32 bit and at project sample rate. Thanks!
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