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Originally Posted by akademie View Post
Could you try to disable AntiVirus software for a test?

Maybe it is now checking all opening files, so when .NKS files are loaded by Kontakt VST they are scanned by AV and that is why it takes so long time now.
I don't know why it wouldsuch behavior now and not few weeks ago when it was fast but maybe some update made some weird settings. But it is worth trying I think.

EDIT: Oh I see that in Kontakt standalone it loads fast and also in VEP as you added note right now. Then I am not sure that AntiVirus may be to blame :-/

I killed Windows Defender many time ago from the registry so it can't be the cause.

I checked already if it was re-enabled but it's not.

The strange thing is that I have not the same behavior with all the instruments.

I tried to load the same instrument in a kontakt instance on VEP7 standalone and it loads instantly.

There is something happening inside Reaper...maybe it is related also with the bug I'm having when I use VEP7 server.

This problem it is very hard to solve...
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