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Since it appears that Filther's approaching final stages(?), I wanna quickly give all my last input.

1. Are envelopes and feedback still beta (cos the parentheses)?
2. Thresh text over the line should be centered, so it can't overlap the buttons.
3. Feedback "A" button still has the line through it, unlike the other buttons.
4. Maybe a "?" button in the corner to turn off the tooltips and hilighting altogether? Secret shortcut would be fine too...(e.g. ctrl+?)
5. I don't seem to have control of the font color for the background, so in the light theme we can't see the labels of the graphs. Might be easiest for consistency if that just followed the filter description color.
6. I guess it's late for a big change but I'm just wondering about the multiplier buttons. Combined, they give an array of delay speeds. Why not dropdown lists for that?
7. One more biggie I guess, but it suddenly strikes me how nice it would be to have a mirror button on the envelopes. The envelope would then alternate between forwards and backwards. Especially when looping, this would be awesome.
8. Bold/bigger text for major sections; Master, Filthers, Routing, Dynamics, LFO, Envelopes? I know, nitpicky.
9. Filled input on RMS graph?
10. Lastly, the meters on the voltage graphs...maybe 50% opacity?

And oh man! Let me also reiterate how slick this plugin has come together. It's truly a joy to behold. So much cleverness in that code... And with the color options you've allowed me, it can be immediately intuitive, despite the incredible complexity!

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