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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
The thing is, as far as Reaper is concerned its all just layouts. That's how the new HiDPI business does it work. The script could perhaps simplify, or clarify, how this all happens, but ultimately its always going to be saying to Reaper "...and then load this layout".
Maybe it's the time to say 'it's wrong way' to how Reaper does it'.
As I wrote elsewhere, there are 2 options:
1. Higher density devices (like Retina): in such case, an application or operating system (or both) should ensure the same image (perceived size-wise) is rendered. No need to create additional, special GUI layout for this.
2. Other density devices - like big monitors with pixel density closer to standard one rather than to Retina. They might require different approach, because workspace size vs distance to eyes does matter more. On such monitors standard themes are too tiny, and Retina dedicated themes are too big. That's why they might require special layouts, with dedicated gfx assets. In reality it might be all scales from 125 to 175%. Even with step 10, it's 5 additional layouts. I don't think any of themers is going to care about it.

Just to be clear: both cases can be satisfied by creating special layouts. But those layouts are not interchangeable. If developers ignore this fact, support for HiDPI will stay on V5 level.
Seeing how many already published themes support standard dpi monitors both small and big as well as high density devices (literally none) I am pretty sure, V6 doesn't change that unless themes get more love from developers.

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