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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
I was aware going into this that using full strength custom colors was going to quite possibly paint me into a corner regarding how I balanced other elements with large areas of '100% of the RGB gamut'. My options would appear to be a) blast every element so loud it always stands out, b) rely on users to choose workable custom colors, or c) abandon the full strength custom colors idea. The feedback I'm getting from the forum suggests c), the feedback I am getting elsewhere suggests b). Still not sure what I'm going to do.
So, how about abandoning tinting the entire mcp/tcp panels in favor of full strength colored strips? This would let us use full strength custom colors, but still allow for a more cohesive whole + clearer selected states of panels. Track colors are used for quickly signaling type of track and/or grouping tracks together, I don't see why this function necessarily has to involve the entire area of the mcp/tcp panel.
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