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Originally Posted by Herr Nox View Post
I completely agree. But I think there's something that could be done about this eventually: introducing the "right-click" as an evolution of the workflow. Less buttons and knobs, but with more options and preferences under the remaining ones. It may be a flawed idea, I'm just thinking out loud here.
It is not flawed idea to me, it's simpler then it is better, less buttons and knobs is always a good idea.

Originally Posted by Kenny Gioia View Post
For example - we "could" remove input monitoring, record mode and even input unless you go into record. Then those things would show up. I'd assume a newbie would know enough to hit record and then "poof" extra settings.

Same could be done for routing or envelopes where you only see them when the track is selected. Keeping in mind that a newbie wouldn't even know that a recording mode exists until they learn the program much more.
The same, simplicity is a beauty, good ideas too.
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