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Originally Posted by TonE View Post
What is the cheapest (cpu-wise) technique making filters sound more 'alive'? Just as a general concept? Which tricks are used and could be used in future eventually? Just brainstorming, kind of. Or does this question count as offtopic? I would guess the answer something like 'doing continuous minimal, hearable changes', but the big question is 'where'?
- what is hearable? <- would need some adjustment
- what is minimal? <- would need some adjustment

Something like auto-randomization of above. Probably this could be done with current version already, then using some auto-randomization fx applied to some well adjusted parameters and parameter ranges?
Any sort of answer to this is going to be highly subjective and context specific. What would work would really depend on your aim and what's going on in the rest of the track.

Cheapest filters are probably linear ones. You can modulate them pretty cheaply too. Depending on the modulation speed, you could even get away with modulating the parameters every N samples.
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