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# Notation editor: multitremolo display tweaks
I like it now! It just needs some tweaks and done and completely usable!

The stroke angle must be limited. Probably to the same as max angle of beams (which in some situations can be obtained steeper than the one with those 8th notes on the pic)

Dorico extends the stems and puts slashes to the middle between notes.

Strokes overlap with ledger lines under the first note when that note has a stem. Whole notes are ok.

Strokes does not seem to be properly distributed, the middle stroke is closer to the top stroke than to the bottom one. Compare that to nicely aligned beams on 1/32 notes.

Beamed notes are not doubled in visual length.

All notes in the multitrem phrase should be visually lengthened.
Plus in this case, strokes are not drawn between proper stems, they are drawn only between start and end notes. All notes in the phrase and their position should be considered. This seems to be directly related to this:

The multi-note trem is in notation "defined" only between notes at two time positions AFAIK. What's on the pic is undefined (all 9 notes are in the phrase). Don't know what to do with that, might be a problem mainly for xml export.

Dorico considers positional pairs.

This one is messy, notes are overlapping. Dorico considers just noteheads and ignore ties.
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