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Originally Posted by vdubreeze View Post
But the problem with that logic is that A) a truly terribly laid out program could also have a multitude of "survivors" who would say the same (since it would apply to both it doesn't really explain why Reaper should or shouldn't do something), and; B) it's not really limited to those two reasons why a user bails.

For example, as has been mentioned in the thread, there are people looking at their first recording experience, with no preconceptions or habits (though neither are dealkillers anyway if an interface works for an average, eager brain). I don't think it's a bad idea to keep them in mind. It's how all designers look at things: does this panel have any elements that aren't clear or clear enough? When I look at it do I immediately see the functions or do I have to pause for a second to remember what is what? And who am I designing this for anyway? In the design world the user is never blamed unless they don't want that user. I've always found that an odd thing here. Sometimes it's valid, sometimes though it comes from someplace else.

I like this theme a lot more than the current default. Putting solo and mute off the collapsing track panel and onto the vertical section that doesn't collapse them away until extremely minimized is great. I was thinking putting the pan knob there would clean up the panel, but then again panning isn't something one needs to access often. What else could go in there?

The trim button for adding envelopes has always struck me as weird, IMO, when you all you want is a volume envelope. Why can't the volume envelope just be created with the track and it's there from the start instead of needing to be created?, though that's not a theme issue. I just never got why volume envelopes had to be created, with leaving the track and several mouse clicks (unless I'm wrong about that and they don't). Actually, the trim button doesn't even need to have such a presence on the bar, and it could be a square of half the size and still show the info.
Sure, My point is as little energy as possible should be spent specifically catering for day 1 users compared to 100 day + users.
not that that they should be ignored..

Should help them with good solid Design that helps all users anyway, and helping them up the learning curve asap are better approaches imo.

Regard vol envelopes that's one shortcut I use a lot... V
Also have double click tcp to hide/show any envelopes.

Never got why pan knobs get so much real estate, analog hang-ups or something.
Compared to all the other elements, are normally set once then forgotteb, or pan is automated, and rarely 'checked visually' by looking at the knob position on tcp or mixer.
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