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Default "Track Based Midi" - how best do we describe this?

hey, i'm interested in farming out a definition of "track based midi."

by this, i mean an alternative approach to "item based midi," REAPER's current approach to midi editing. currently, REAPER's midi editor opens 1 midi item at a time. other items can be made to be editable, but are not considered "active" or "focused"

in track based midi, the entire track is "active." item bounds still exist, but are merely means to contain content.
in the midi editor, the entire track's midi contents are visible and editable.
users can still jump from item to item, zooming to contents etc.
midi notes drawn outside of item bounds create new items.
record/overdub creates a new midi item if none exists
overdub prefers existent midi item always. record creates a new take OR a new concurrent item in fipm.

this should get us started. i'm looking for comments from ya boys Tod and ivansc, whom i've seen talking about this feature request throughout the forum. this thread is created for the purpose of making a well informed request, using REAPER's existing features whenever possible to make for the shortest ground between where we are now and the requested workflow.
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