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OK, now to formalize our Zone/Modifier thinking a bit.

In a very loose way:

Zones are big chunks that you drop on a surface to re-purpose a section temporarily.

Zones can have Navigation, but it is unrelated to any other Zone’s Navigation.

Use Zones to take over sections for a specific purpose — FX mapping is a great example.

Modifiers tend to be smaller (a few Widgets at most) and often need the Navigation context(s) of their Zone.

Pan/Width is the classic example here.

We already have a semi-hardcoded Zone - “Home”.
It always loads first.

We also have the ability to define other Zones.

We already have some hardcoded Modifiers:

We just need the ability to define our own Modifiers and we’ll be good to go.

Keep in mind some workflows may require more than one Modifier in a Zone, just like the current hardcoded ones.

I think the simplest way is to use named Modifiers to extend the modifier set something like this:

Zone Home
	RotaryPush Cycle CyclePanWidth
	CyclePanWidth+Rotary TrackPan
	CyclePanWidth+Rotary TrackPanWidt...

Zone Sends
	RotaryPush Cycle CycleTrackSends
	CycleTrackSends+Rotary TrackSend 1
	CycleTrackSends+Rotary TrackSend 2
	CycleTrackSends+Rotary TrackSend 3
	CycleTrackSends+Rotary TrackSend 4
What do you think folks ?

See any holes ?
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