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Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
in track based midi, the entire track is "active." item bounds still exist, but are merely means to contain content.
in the midi editor, the entire track's midi contents are visible and editable.
users can still jump from item to item, zooming to contents etc.
midi notes drawn outside of item bounds create new items.
record/overdub creates a new midi item if none exists
overdub prefers existent midi item always. record creates a new take OR a new concurrent item in fipm.
This is already possible if you create one big midi-item for the full
length of a song.

In existent songs you can get there if you select all items of one
track and glue them.

What I would call "track-based" approach is having track-playback-
parameter in a special "track inspector". These can be transpose,
delay, midi-note range, velocity adds or subtracts, humanize factor
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