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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
Sure, My point is as little energy as possible should be spent specifically catering for day 1 users compared to 100 day + users.
not that that they should be ignored..

Should help them with good solid Design that helps all users anyway, and helping them up the learning curve asap are better approaches imo.

Regard vol envelopes that's one shortcut I use a lot... V
Also have double click tcp to hide/show any envelopes.

Never got why pan knobs get so much real estate, analog hang-ups or something.
Compared to all the other elements, are normally set once then forgotteb, or pan is automated, and rarely 'checked visually' by looking at the knob position on tcp or mixer.
Pan knobs have always been a problem. Designers don't know which way to jump.......
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