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Originally Posted by enroe View Post
This is already possible if you create one big midi-item for the full length of a song.
as discussed in other threads, this sacrifices all functionality workflow that utilizes item bounds (in my case, zoom to item content), and as such isn't a solution. if you're using items to copy/duplicate/rearrange different parts of your song, you have to re-split and re-glue items. if you have hanging pickups or note tails that normally would overlap with other items ala fipm or concurrent items, you have additional work to do.

1 track long midi item can be used conceptually in describing desired behavior, but it only gets us halfway there. we need to keep what is good from item-based workflow.

Tod, am i missing anything? you and ivansc are 2 of the people i wanted to speak up in this thread.


one thing that the MPC did better than REAPER was that it allowed midi note ends to extend past the item bounds. this is currently doable in REAPER by having overlapping midi items, and is why i mentioned FIPM earlier. being able to do this makes for a MUCH better way to handle pickups and chords that "strum" in, rather than starting on an item's first moment.

imagine this is an item in reaper, with midi notes in it: in REAPER, item end means midi NOTE end.

in the MPC, you could have this: [----]--

where the note end extends beyond the item bounds. you can move this item and that trailing note end follows. this makes for a MUCH better solution for hanging notes, pickups, strummed-chords that don't begin at X.1.0, etc.

in REAPER you need overlapping midi items, and REAPER doesn't handle overdubbing into these very well.
striving for a loop-based, controller-centric midi recording/editing workflow.
desiring to control all quantise parameters from control surface.
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