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Tod, am i missing anything? you and ivansc are 2 of the people i wanted to speak up in this thread.
You're doing pretty good mccrabney.

As soon as I found out how Reaper's item based midi worked, I started using full song items. Of course I do all my editing
and copy/pasting in the midi editor.

I started using midi in the mid 1980s and I'd never heard of "item or clip" based midi until I came to Reaper. My last DAW
was Sonar before coming to Reaper, and I just played in my midi anywhere on the track. It did make little clips, but they
meant nothing other then I could copy/paste them anywhere. In the midi editor you didn't see any clips, you just saw the midi.

Think about it, being able to use midi items with no bounds other then what you see in the arrange area, it would just be a
visual thing. You could still use the items like you do now but you wouldn't have to worry or think about boundaries.

I'll say it again, I think "Track Based Midi" would be the best improvement Reaper could make right now.
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