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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
My 2 ct's...

While I like a track based MIDI approach I'd expect the notion of active / editable not to change as it would I think for example break a lot of MIDI scripts which work on the 'currently active item'.
So you think track based midi would interfere with the current midi item system?

Even if the midi items remained the same in the arrange area, but in the midi editor they all showed up as one single item?

Additionaly I like that I can exclude edits from certain items by making them not editable.
I trust you nofish, and basically believe everything you say, but what's the reason you want to make items uneditable?

Actually I think we are already quite close to a track based MIDI workflow (e.g. we can set it so that all track's MIDI opens at once, I once posted in a related thread) and what seems more realistic to me is focusing on that the remaining bugs which prevent this currently (as you reported e.g. here and here) should be squashed.

If this all worked as it should, what else would be missing from a track based MIDI workflow?
Here's where my ignorance shows, since I've been using full song items since I started with Reaper, I don't know about this stuff.

Actually it all seems rather convoluted to me, but then again that's Reapers way, and that's what I like about it.

i just want to open a midi editor for a track and be able to forget all about active/inactive items, WITHOUT losing the compositional benefit that items-as-containers offers.
Ha ha, well I think that's the crux of the matter.
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