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Have to add constraint here to keep things sane.

Zone Sends|1-4
	RotaryPush| Cycle CycleTrackSends 4
	CycleTrackSends+Rotary| TrackSendVolume |
	CycleTrackSends+Shift+Rotary| TrackSendPan |
If you add a Modified Cycle behaviour (Shift in this case) the Modified Action counts must be the same as the NoModifiers Action count (4 in this case).

Put another way you can't do the following, there are 3 DoSomethings and only 2 ShiftedDoSomethings, it makes no sense, what does the current Cycle index mean in this case ?

Zone SomeZone
	RotaryPush Cycle CycleStuff 3 -- or should it be 2 ? 

        CycleStuff+Rotary1 DoSomething1
        CycleStuff+Rotary2 DoSomething2
        CycleStuff+Rotary3 DoSomething3

        CycleStuff+Shift+Rotary1 DoShiftedSomething1
        CycleStuff+Shift+Rotary2 DoShiftedSomething2
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