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It's not about display size, but about netiquette too. Even in said 2019, not every one is constantly connected to high speed network, uses high resolution device all the time. Also FUP still happens. Besides of this, there are people who are just not interested in a sub-topic the pics are related to. So why to bother them?

More sad is, that in mentioned 2019, people are lazy and/or ignorant to know that there is an easy way how to attach clickable thumbnail which would satisfy all the parties.
To achieve that, you have to combine url and img tags like this:

You have to replace {} by []
BTW Limiting text column width (like in Reaper 5 HTML theme) is a consequence of using wide monitors. Simply has been figured out that reading text arranged into narrower column is more easy to our eyes because they don't need to swipe from one side to another. Also, since more text might fit single line on a wide monitor, a lot of paragraphs turned into single line. In consequence we end up with multiple single line paragraphs, separated by space. It's obvious it doesn't look nice.

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