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You know what...old project colors really are crazily bright, but I think I'm starting to like it. It has that "neon feel" Cubase had for me and I really liked that. Makes you feel you're in a spaceship and I mostly do music for spaceship travel

The only thing I'm afraid is eye/mind fatigue in the long run...This is what I like about default 5, you can use it for hours without fatigue. It is quite an accomplishment when you think about how many elements there are in a general DAW program. I find that grayish hue is really easy on the eyes, but it still doesn't encompass your whole vision with one big grey color (like ableton live does).

However, track names being in track color when not record armed really doesn't help with visibility. I would personally pick white text color for track name regardless of other conditions.

Also, notes names in MIDI editor seem too dark to me, can be hard to read at times with dark background

I feel this theme will end up looking beautifully once it's production ready. White Tie, please don't get discouraged by negative feedback, it's all feedback after all, right ;D
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