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Originally Posted by ramses View Post
This whole procedure seems very convoluted and backwards to me. I pick colors that I want to use, I don't pick them in order to dim/change them at a later stage. We need to be able to actually use the colors we actually choose, this should be a core feature of the standard theme.
I have tried to pick the colors I want to use with the Default 5 theme (and some others) but am not able to. With this Default 6 alpha theme, I can pick the colors I want to. They are actually what I pick, not a greyed-up or dimmed version of it.

The dimming function of the script has limited usefulness to me, unless I'm switching from another theme which has brighter colors chosen (which end up "washed-out" such as in the Default 5 theme). If I load a project with colors chosen for Default 5, they'll be too saturated etc. in Default 6 alpha. That's when I might want to use that feature.

The same can be said for lots of other themes. Sometimes the colors are bright, sometimes dark, sometimes saturated, sometimes less saturated.

Whenever I've edited a theme, I've made it such that I can color the tracks more accurately--such as in the Default 6 alpha theme.

I wouldn't consider the dimming function very important. But it's nice for transitioning a project that was made in Default 5 (or some other theme which has the colors more greyed-out etc.)
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