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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I have tried to pick the colors I want to use with the Default 5 theme (and some others) but am not able to. With this Default 6 alpha theme, I can pick the colors I want to. They are actually what I pick, not a greyed-up or dimmed version of it.
Sure. It's great that the theme retains the colors we actually pick. This is not the problem. The problem is that they are way overfeatured (IMO), covering the entirety of the track panels, making it difficult to pick out selected tracks, etc, unless you go ahead and dim them all down again.

I would wager the absolute majority of users pick bright, primary colors for their tracks, like I do, intense blue (drums), deep red (bass), whatever. Colors are a sorting mechanism first and foremost.

I wish WT would go ahead and try minimizing the areas that get colored on track panels, and turn these areas into cleverly positioned colorstrips instead. It would make the theme much more cohesive and completely negate the need to fiddle with dimming/washing out bright and distinct color choices.
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