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Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
Very nicely done msmucr! I tried the script when you first posted it and noticed the magic framerate (23.976/29.97) issue. I tried unsuccessfully to fix it myself. I apologize for not reporting the problem immediately. I find myself using 23.976 all the time so this will be very handy.

Technically speaking the DF readout in Reaper should have a semicolon (00:00:00;00) preceding the frames count to indicate it is a drop frame rate. Perhaps they could add that and a call to detect the DF state of the timecode at the same time.
Thanks. As Airon have mentioned, an ideal solution would be access to complete formatted timecode string.
With regards to DF, there is only time and project_time variable, so there is no way how to detect DF is being used from the context of script.
Essentially, DF means, 2 frames are dropped every minute, unless the minute number is divisable by ten. So DF TC calculation should be based on absolute frames rather than time in seconds like in case of current script. Semicolon frames separator would be then just icing on the cake.
I've already briefly checked that and found nice algorithm for such calculation.. When I'll find some time, I will post another update.

FRs: Better FX bypass
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