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Originally Posted by msmucr View Post
BTW. I've never tried Vordio, but it looks very cool addition to Reaper in post workflows.
Especially for FCPX post REAPER is definitely the best matching DAW for the way it handles audio.

Every audio feature in FCPX has an equivalent in REAPER which is why I based Vordio around REAPER. It was the only DAW with the necessary features.

FCPX is not track based, there are no tracks, only parent/child objects with individual configurations & metadata attached. So doing something like only using channel 3 from 8 mics on a single clip is basically item channel modes in REAPER. You also need unfussy tracks that can take any material like REAPER has. There is no way in most DAWs to only assign channel 3&4 of an item on a stereo track. REAPER it is easy.

For each role tagged in FCPX, you get a parent track in REAPER. So you can send a particular actor's mic to it's own section in the project, just by tagging a clip.

The translation from FCPX->RPP involves no loss at all, unlike using AAF where you will lose a lot of metadata in the process and have to start splitting files to even make it work.

There is also a pretty unique way of reconforming in Vordio. It is not timeline region based like traditional approaches, but individual item tracking based. So it works on a shot by shot granularity and is non destructive of edge work.
Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.

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