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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
No, haven't thought about that and no idea how to do that.
Can't this be done in some way using a shell/commandline?
That's how I'm currently adopting things... using AHK to communicate with Excel and Outlook.

Skip the 'long version' of my answer.

Long Version
My recordings are of our church services, from before the first piano note and all the way to the last, to include song specials (choir and solos) to sermons to special announcements, etc. My Lua script is designed to extract portions of that recording and render them to individual MP3's (using templates which contain FX chains and such). Currently (and due to my own limited knowledge) this is only for the sermons, but I hope to include the song specials and such later on... which may happen sooner than expected now that your API has been released.

I store all of my marker data in a spreadsheet for each recording and use that to email various entities (depending on what's being marked, which is indicated by the text of the markers (songs vs sermons vs speeches vs blah). This spreadsheet is also used by others in my church for their own purposes (new membership, baptisms, legalities (hey, it happens from time to time), etc.).

There are timing issues with using the shell / commandline that can cause all kinds of headaches if one little thing goes wrong... this is why it's taken me 18 months to get to where I am today. Just this month I've finally been able to build a script that successfully does the above with the sermons. However, and quite sadly, this script still involves using 5 other AHK scripts to automate things. Things like GetSceneNumber(OSC), Render, Save File, Compose Email, and Watchdog (to close things that are left open by some reason or another). Render and Save File looks to be something that can now be done within Reaper thanks especially to you and your API... I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet.

Short Answer
Golly! It sure would be keen / neato if Lua in Reaper supported DLL and COM objects! (insert mega cheesy grin here)
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