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Originally Posted by tXShooter View Post
There are timing issues with using the shell / commandline that can cause all kinds of headaches if one little thing goes wrong... this is why it's taken me 18 months to get to where I am today.
I have no idea what languages you know but in C#/.NET you could create a FileSystemWatcher that monitors some directory for changes and when a create file event occurs (the render), pull the file that caused the change then email it using .NET's System.Net.Mail component. This would avoid Outlook/COM altogether. Or you could use Outlook's .NET Office Library to interop and send it via Outlook but it's much easier to avoid having to use such a heavy mail client for this IMHO. You would have to know when the render is complete before acting though - doable just mentioning for awareness.

Or you could just take the folder watching out of the equation and write a similar app that whenever you execute it, it emails everything in folder X. That's how I would most likely do it.

Short Answer
Golly! It sure would be keen / neato if Lua in Reaper supported DLL and COM objects! (insert mega cheesy grin here)
It's probably available in C++ as an extension assuming you can Import the needed libraries but I still think tying all this directly into Reaper is potentially less desirable long-term, or maybe not. It may be even remotely available in Lua - or at least starting an external app via Lua when the render completes.

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