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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I have no idea what languages you know but in C#/.NET you could create a FileSystemWatcher that monitors some directory for changes and when a create file event occurs (the render), pull the file that caused the change then email it using .NET's System.Net.Mail component. This would avoid Outlook/COM altogether. Or you could use Outlook's .NET Office Library to interop and send it via Outlook but it's much easier to avoid having to use such a heavy mail client for this IMHO. You would have to know when the render is complete before acting though - doable just mentioning for awareness.

Or you could just take the folder watching out of the equation and write a similar app that whenever you execute it, it emails everything in folder X. That's how I would most likely do it.
That's why I said,
However, and quite sadly, this script still involves using 5 other AHK scripts to automate things. Things like GetSceneNumber(OSC), Render, Save File, Compose Email, and Watchdog (to close things that are left open by some reason or another).
(I forgot about a script... a Database Parser that parses all of the Reaper markers into Excel immediately after the recording stops.)

The roughest parts have been outside of the COM Object, and that's mostly due to a lack of good/proper documentation, support, and example.
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