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Okay, next confusion(s).

Although, I'm referring to the current project (which is already open), Reaper ones the project again to render it.

And the second thing: how can I write the RenderPattern to the actual file?
When I execute RenderProject_RenderCFG, I have to set render_filename, without the possibility to refer to the RenderPattern.

What I got is:

retval, projectfilename_with_path = reaper.EnumProjects(-1,"")

render_cfg_string = ultraschall.CreateRenderCFG_WAVPACK(3, 0, 0, true, false)

retval = ultraschall.SetProject_RenderPattern(nil, "$project $starttimecode")

retval, _, _, _ = ultraschall.RenderProject_RenderCFG(nil, "m:/Projekte/Export/", -1, -1, false, false, false, render_cfg_string)
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