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1. DEXED is a free Yamaha DX7 emulation, which can be really nice when you're into that sort of thing.
Here's a link to a video where this guy explains where and how to download/install/opperate (check the video description):

2. SYNTH1 is also a freebie. I like this one a lot.
You do have to figure out how to install sound banks though. Not terribly tricky, but it's best to do some searching on how to do it.
These banks are really nice:

3. TAL Software has some nice freebie synths too, one of which is a Juno 60 emulation.

4. These are very cool:

5. U-he has some nice free vst's:
Personally I like the Podolski and the TyrellN6 (this one can be a bit CPU-hungry though).

I listed as many free ones that came to mind so you can try out a lot of different ones without committing to them financially. Just experiment and see what works best for your songwriting!

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