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Originally Posted by andyp24 View Post
Hi Mespotine

Thanks for all these functions, which I'll investigate as time goes on.

One question please - is calling one of your functions (eg "Select all items to the left") likely to be faster or slower than writing my own loop within a script to do that? Or does it just depend whether your code is more efficient than mine in the way it works?

In other words, is the advantage of your library of functions simply that it saves me having to write them, or will they potentially run faster too?

Depends. My implementations are mostly to save me from having to code stuff time and again, though some of my code is probably slower than it could.
In a future version, I'll add the option for you to suggest a better implementation. So if performance is a thing for you and you'll find that your code is faster than mine, drop me a note in how you did that and I'll try to improve speed.

@stevie and reapero
I might have an idea of speeding up the rendering by getting rid of the loading of a project by maybe exploiting the render-queue.
No promises, but my yesterday's tests looked quite promising.

Thanks for your feedback, by the way, as it inspired me to this new idea
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