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Set the option to start each plug-in in its own process (Plug-ins/Compatibility/VST bridging/In dedicate process per-plugin).
If REAPER still crash: replace your computer or audio interface.
If REAPER no longer crash: find the plug-in which is crashing and visit corresponding forum/support.

Sure, you have other options. Like replacing the DAW.
* some DAWs will not allow you to load 32bit plug-ins at all, except throw some external wrapper
* most other DAWs will not allow you to identify problematic plug-ins
* for reduced price of REAPER, other DAWs can limit you in number of tracks or effects. Or you can start with some "free" DAW, they will allow everything but in case of problems you can paint corresponding complains on your own wall.
Sure, that will help you with your original problem
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