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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
News about FLS:

PS if relevant, what is the FLS limit in Windows 7?
Ah thanks for that link, very interesting (reading through it now.)

So basically going off the content in that link and the one I posted earlier there is two ways to approach this for now.

1. Wait for that Windows update and twiddle my thumbs until then...


2. In the meantime configure my plugins so that the heavy ones (ones using lots of FLS slots) are running in their own dedicated process and allocate the others according to the suggestions by the author in that thread so that I can get more instances on my machine until microsoft fixes this stuff up.

Assuming I proceed as per the second suggestion above, this brings up the next couple of questions:

1. Is there an easier way of navigating my plugins and allocating each to the appropriate process type than having to go through Reaper's FX browser window right clicking on each one individually to allocate them? Like is there some sort of app that lets me just see a list of all my plugins and tick boxes or something?


2. If I have a project with instances of a given plugin already open and then I change which process reaper allocates that plugin to, will the next time I open that project make Reaper use the new process type I have selected or will it revert to whatever way i had it when I first loaded that particular plugin into the project?

I hope all this makes sense and isn't confusing, I am not fully up to speed with a lot of this tech language as its getting a bit too nerdy for regular DAW/music making talk....
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