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Default Change color of record arm for monitoring inputs/ or show track manager


Every time I open up a project to work on, I have lots of external audio and midi returns spread out over the track layouts that I may or may not want to record (yet), so I need to monitor input and see what is record disabled.
For eg: multiple Midi synths, iPads, H8000 FX returns, hardware delays, 8 channels of Kontakt returns from a laptop, console outputs etc.
Usually about 16 channels of audio are inputting back to Reaper.

So all of these inputs say they are record armed (red light) - but maybe only 2 of them are actually record armed (the rest are disabled).
I have no way of quickly finding out unless I click on every record arm light to show me if they are record disabled.

If I hover over the red lights - they all say record armed (even if they are disabled - which means they are not armed)
The track manager does not quickly show me the status of the record disable or monitor inputs on tracks

If I quickly want to record an overdub, I need to go and check all armed tracks to make sure that they will not be recording.

Or as Syncatron said in the other thread
"I might want to record one MIDI track while monitoring others. Or I might want to monitor some MIDI tracks and record guitar or some non-MIDI synth hardware"

Reaper really needs a way to indicate if tracks are record disabled at least.

On big sessions with hundreds of tracks, with inputs spread all over the track layouts, it is a hassle to have to check the record armed tracks are actually record armed - or record disabled.

Every other production software I have ever used has a input monitoring light - and red record is ONLY for the tracks that are literally record armed that will be recorded.
So on ProTools etc, I can open a project and boom - all my track inputs show they are input monitoring (usually with a input light green)
- and record armed means: record.

Not sure what can be done about this?

The Simplest requests that I can come up with to solve this is:

A - Change the red light to a different color for "Record: disable (input monitoring only)" So it is a green or blue light

B Have a input light and a record light - but Red is ONLY for recording

C - If none of the above is an option, then Track Manager shows what is record disabled, and also shows input monitoring so I can at least check there what is disabled, and monitoring input - and quickly change.
(but this option still leaves the same issue that record armed red light actually means nothing at all )

Any of the above would be a great help.
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