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Originally Posted by The Bunker View Post
Good to know...

So I am going through all my plugins now assigning them to the desired process type, some interesting thing I came up against was some plugins actually dont use ANY FLS slots. Is this possible? And why would it be this way?
Plug-ins do not have to use FLS slots. That is just related to the way some of them work (really more which runtime libraries they use and how). Most plug-ins share libraries which use FLS slots, so the problem is not usual. Macrosoft's intention was not limiting anything, it just happened some developers do stupid things...

For the plug-in loading mode I want to repeat: every plug-in will be loaded according to its setting (if set to default, it will use global parameter). Every time it is loaded, independent from how it was loaded the last time. That is not saved into the project.
But plug-ins which are already loaded, in currently opened projects, will not start reloading themselves instantly. You will need to re-load the project.

Note that since all that is about bugs in plug-ins, it can be wise to restart REAPER. Loaded plug-in is free to not unload correctly, corrupt REAPER, etc. I mean if some developer was so stupid to statically link crazy amount of FLS consuming runtimes, he probably does not care at all how his plug-in is unloaded
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