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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
For the plug-in loading mode I want to repeat: every plug-in will be loaded according to its setting (if set to default, it will use global parameter). Every time it is loaded, independent from how it was loaded the last time. That is not saved into the project.
Good to know. It means, if I find perfect solution for particular plugin while working in one project, it will stay if I switch to another project, incl. already started one

But it seems to be one exception. I just did a test: if global parameter is set to "Native only", it's not possible to change the mode on plugin basis. It means, if I try particular plugin mode to either separate or dedicated process, it will be loaded as native.

However it works otherwise: if it's globally set to bridging, selecting native mode will allow loading the plugin not bridged.
Can you confirm this?
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