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Originally Posted by moss View Post
DrivenByMoss 4 Reaper 5.0 is online!

And don't be afraid anymore, the installation is now dead simple!


- Integrated DrivenByMoss 5.0
* Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol - 6.12
- Fixed: Potential synchronisation issue when sending OSC messages.
* Generic Flexi - 2.0
- New: Completely new settings user interface
- New: Support for modes: Track, Volume, Panorama, Send 1-8, Parameters
- New: Support for using Pitchbend as a controller
- New: Added command: "Master: Crossfader"
- Fixed: Blocking notes which are mapped to a command did only work after restart.
- Fixed: "Send value to device" did always send on midi channel 1.

- Bundled Java Virtual Machine for easier installation
- Does not require SWS anymore
Love you, Moss. Great work!
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