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I would definitely spend time going over more free ones that come onto your radar, and when you've heard enough decent ones you'll have a better Idea of which way to go for spending on a not-free one or two.

Like Couchz, I check vst4free once in a while and it's very worth it, if only to find a good one occasionally and get an idea of where to set your expectations for freebies. The venerable not only posts new free plugins but has maybe the best searchable database for VSTIs. You can search for free ones and then paid VSTIs under $20 or any amount to avoid the ones out of budget range.

I get a lot of use out of Synthmaster. The Player version is only a handful of bucks when on sale, and has a small set of editable functions. The full version has a full range of features. But it sounds good, especially for the $10 or $15. Many presets, editable, many useful.

One thing to consider is to download all of the free versions of plugins like UVIWorkstation, which, in their full version may be a few hundred dollars and have loads of sounds. But their free teaser versions often have a few excellent sounds among the limited handful given. I have the free UVIWorkstation, and there's a free extra bank of the Roland AP-09 "piano" that I love and use all the time for that '70s Todd Rundgen vibe that I haven't found elsewhere.
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