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Originally Posted by akademie View Post
Maybe better overal compatibility of CBR?

Otherwise I don't think there is any definite objective recommendation.

I personally would use FLAC for 24bit lossless or MP3 CRB 320 for lossy variants.
Others may preffer other choices, but I hadn't had any problems when using 320kbps CBR MP3s - both compatibility and quality wise.

Anyway, you can do your own blind AB test using WAV, FLAC and 320MP3 to find out if you are able to spot any real-world differencies between those formats.
I would agree with what akademie says (quoted above).

I just wanted to add that it seems to make sense to use CBR because it offers, on paper, the best quality, when you consider that CBR means Constant Bitrate, ABR means Average Bitrate, and VBR means Variable Bitrate.

In the final analysis, though, let your ears, and/or the end users' specification be your guide.
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