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I tried some other ways today. I hit the record button in Reaper, so that what goes into my soundcard gets recorded, while having ReaNINJAM on the master. After the jam, I save the project, preferrably in the same folder as the Ninjam folder that was created during jamming.
Then I do the clipsort thing, then drag the wavs I recorded into that project, and sync it up manually to the local files made from oggs, which I then can mute or remove.

When setting two mono channels in Ninjam, two mono oggs are sent, which are 60kbps. When setting Stereo 1/2 one interleaved stereo ogg of 58kbps is sent. So the actual upload bandwidth required is doubled if I want to have ReaNINJAM do stereo wav recording. To me it seems silly to have those two options tied together.
(The bitrates I got are from opening the oggs in Reaper and going to Item Properties / Properties. I guess they're 64kbps, but ogg is VBR so it depends on the audio content)


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