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Ok, great stuff! But I can't create conditional cycle actions based on other cycle actions or sws toggle actions. I get this error:
"Warning: cycle action 'Cycle: Zoom Time Selection' (section 'Main') was not registered
Details: IF (or IF NOT) must be followed by an action that reports a toggle state"
Why are these toggle states not useable?

For instance, the action 'toggle horiz zoom time selection' sometime needs to be pressed twice to zoom because it had been in the zoomed toggle state since the last use (even though i'm now looking at another part of the project and technically I'm not zoomed anymore, though the state remains "on"). So there is no way to return it to the original state where the first action would be to zoom to the time selection and not the opposite. Perhaps the zoom actions should update their states to off whenever the view is zoomed or scrolled?

Sorry if this is not too clear. The is the reason I was requesting an action to reset the state of other toggling cycle actions. Is this still possible? In other words, I'm looking for a way to get certan conflicting toggling cycle actions back to the first step without cycling through the other steps on each keypress. I can't seem to do it because the cycle action editor does not recognize the toggle states of other sws toggle actions. But maybe I just don't understand this new functionality completely yet.

Also, is it necessary to use the ENDIF statement for every IF, or just when we need multiple IF's in one step?
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