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@pljones: Thanks for the quick reply!

I do want to be heard, however I do not want to hear myself through Reaper. It seems that's not possible?

For example, I can't seem to isolate the other players from myself if I want to transmit myself: Both the other players and myself are routed to the master output in Reaper.

One thing I'm wondering is: Will Ninjam still transmit my playing if my Local Channels' meters are not active, AND my Xmit button is checked? This is what happens when I solo everyone else in the Remote Channels section. When I do this, my meters under Local Channels become inactive. So, I'm wondering what exactly these meters indicate? Are they what I'M hearing only? Or, do they also indicate what others are hearing as well (regarding the meters on the Local Channels side).

The problem is that I can hear the latency even when I set the sample size to 64 on my devices, which is supposed to translate to around 10ms, but I realized it much higher than that due to other factors.

My devices allow latency-free monitoring, and I'd much rather hear that instead of myself through Ninjam/Reaper. Basically I just want to hear the other players ONLY through Reaper, and I want to use my devices' direct latency-free monitoring at the same time.

I realize that what they will be hearing will be dependant my my hardware's latency. So, if I set the sample size to 128, for example (this is where I start to not hear clicks/artifacts), they will hear this delay (I think).
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