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Originally Posted by Quasar View Post
I think the Lounge password is an excellent idea, because even though I'm much, much better at talking about religion and politics than I am about digital recording in Reaper, I come here to learn about the latter, not to get on a soapbox about the former, and I'm sure a great many people would rather not have to sift through reams of non DAW-related content when clicking on New Posts.

What's never been clear to me is where the line blurs between Reaper-specific and more generalized audio recording subject matter. Virtually anyone who would be interested in Reaper and in these forums will almost certainly be interested in KVR-like and Gearslutz-like topics as well, many of which currently end up in the lounge next to the serial killers and the corrupt politicians...

Why not have the current Reaper General Discussion and Reaper Compatibility forums, and then add a Digital Audio General Discussion forum to cover all of the DAW-but-not-exactly-Reaper content that currently goes into the lounge? Then everyone can know that if we opt not to login to the lounge we won't miss anything interesting or newsworthy that is audio-related.
I agree with this idea.

Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I sorta wonder if they should remove the reaper requirement from General Discussion and just make it general discussion about recording, making and enjoying music. All the philosopical, religious, political stuff still goes to the lounge.
We'd still need a place for asking specific Reaper questions. No?
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