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Of course, I understand PDC cannot help at ninjam session.
I do not need to mount the PDC itself to NINJAM Client.

I just want a delay correction function when using direct monitoring on NINJAM Client.
"The function I desire" plays the role like PDC. But a way and a system would be different from the PDC.

Excuse me. Maybe my sentences were terribly ambiguous.
In order to explain my desire mechanism, I should not have used the word "PDC".

I wrote the PDC as a mere "result".
Perhaps you interpreted PDC as"the "function".
This is the cause that our conversation was incongruous, isn't it?

I'm sorry about it.
Now, please forget the word "PDC". I'll explain more simply.

1. Issue
When we played with the direct monitoring,
NINJAM Client receives the played sound with the ASIO delay.

2. Solution method I expect
NINJAM Client adds more calculated delay to played sound.
Then, played sound would go around the bpi and comes full circle.
The delay a session partner feels should disappear.
Even if the session in any high buffer size, the session partner would not feel the delay.
Sorry about my poor English.
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