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Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
what are you considering "significant money" ? 0-5k annually? 5-10? 10-20? 20-40? 60+?

unless we have extremely different views on what constitutes "significant money" i would say that you're very wrong here
Fair question. "Significat money" means a steady stream of income that surpasses the cost of producing and posting the recorded material to the streaming service(s). Most musicians are spending lots of time and money preparing the material posted online (often even paying a fee to third parties to place it in Amazon, ITunes, etc.) only to get royalties that are a tiny fraction of their investment. Losses are the rule - profit is the exception, when it comes to unknown musicians. It has always been like that, and the web has done nothing to change the situation.

Significant money is not a set amount per year. You can generate 10 millions if you spend 100 millions! (Extreme example). Significant money is profit that allows you to make a sustainable living from your endeavor.
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