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Originally Posted by Oughta Crawl View Post
Okay you either have an agenda here or your stroking your own delusion with some ripe megalomania sprouting out behind you. Common sense as far as I understand it dictates thus. If not with the way you prance around here as a braggart on your tiny crab legs, you should also have no problem giving us a link or at the very least the name of your self supporting popular project. It would be selfish of you not to actually. When there are people here who could learn by you and from you. After all that is why you are here... isn't it? To help out and give off hope to the others? Unless your here to blow hot hair bubbles from beneath your soft shelled exoskeleton? Actual dollar amount would also be pragmatic in listing as to provide a guide to others as they plan to follow your tiny imprints in the sand. You are a self contained musician so there are no legalities stopping you. Hell maybe you'll get a few new fans out of it. Not that you need them but it could mean an even easier existence than the one you purport to have now. So come on put your money where your feed hole is??? You should smell of the ocean and the beach but all I smell is a wet dead rat. Prove me wrong though. I actually hope you do. I often am anyways and I have no qualms about sincerely apologizing if you do so. But so it goes I will not hold my breath and dive for pearls on your dubious words of seemingly nihil merits. Thank you kindly enough I suppose. -Andy Tithesis
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