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Originally Posted by Rangler View Post
I'm hearing that they might go under before the year ends. That bailout didn't change the business model, I guess.

Maybe not have 180 minutes free, but charge like a dollar per song you upload. Get rid of the pro levels.
That would destroy the most creative amateur input. It would finish the model of Soundcloud as we know it, at least for a lot of people, destroying the concept/spirit of the site entirely. It would just be another purely commercial site.

At their most desperate they could make it that every contributor has to pay the basic entry "Pro" level (nonsense use of the word, as per usual; see most "pro" labelled gear) to post any tracks to keep the service afloat.
I think if it was that simple they would have asked members to do that.

Many amateur contributors know full well their music input has little to no commercial value. It's like sharing a painting or drawing, not a commercial venture.

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